Monday, August 14, 2006

Under the Pondweed part II

         Trumpets sounded, and Sassy turned toward the sound.  Coming out of a large stone castle was a parade of white horses decked out in dark red velvet.  Lonnie stood up tall, pulling Sassy beside him.  Tall knights in armor dismounted and came forward with a tiara and a small crown.  They bowed deeply, placed the crown on Lonnie's head, and then turned to Sassy and placed the tiara on hers.  A coach had appeared and Lonnie and Sassy were escorted into the coach, which headed toward the castle.

          Sassy looked at her watch.  "I hope this won't take too long," she whispered, "I have to be home for my clarinet practicing in half an hour or I'll get in trouble."

          "Well, the prenuptials will take three days, and feasting five days, but we should get you back in time," Lonnie said. 

          "Wait, what?  Huhn?"  Sassy was looking down at herself now, because Something strange was happening to her clothes.  Her cut-offs had disappeared and so had her Beaver Lake Nature Center T-shirt.  She was wearing a white satin gown with tiny pink flowers along the ribbons of lace.  It was smocked and tucked and petticoated.  And her sneakers were gone.  She was wearing white slippers.

"I don't wear dresses," she said, turning to Lonnie.  "I never wear dresses, never." 

"I don't see a dress," Lonnie said, smiling.  And here were her shorts again.  But in moment, the dress shimmered back into being.  If anything, it seemed fluffier and more girly than it had before.  Sassy was a frog catcher and an adventurer, not a princess.  Something was wrong with this picture.

To be continued.

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