Sunday, August 17, 2008

The D of Spades

This is a SKETCH of one of the cards for a deck of Tarot-like fortune
cards adn playing cards I am creating as part of two books I am
working on.

One is a child's Alphabet picture book. Each of the four suits is
represented for each letter with a little caption.

The other is an older children's (young adult) illustrated fiction
with a story that begins (perhaps) like this:

"I had a dream last night, Ted."
"I hate dreams, Lia, You know I hate hearing your dreams. Please
don't tell me. Just shut up, okay?"
"I found a playing card, like your favorite deck. only instead of
being the Ace of hearts or the one of clubs, it was the D of Spades!
And it had dragons on it. And they could talk and help you with your
"That's pretty cool. Could you draw a picture of it for me?"
"Sure, if you stop being so mean to me."
"I can't promise that. Sure, I'll stop being mean--but my
fingers are crossed behind my back. Aw, come on, Lia, just draw it
for me."
"Well, okay, I'll try. Since you're so sweet."

After many more dreams, Lia discovers that the cards are part of a game and can also be used to tell fortunes and she and Ted get dragged into a strange mystery.

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