Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slow Reader

Slow Reader

I gnaw the flesh of a poem, tearing it
from the bone. My teeth rip
into the juicy meat. I chew slowly, savoring
each bite, rolling the sweet umami on my tongue,
sucking the juice from every morsel. One bite,
a pause to consider the flavor, and then another.
Slowly, I devour, tidbit by tidbit, the whole poem,
then suck the long curved bone until it is as white
as if it had lain on the desert for years.
Though may take months to consume
the entire carcass of the book, my mouth waters
at the prospect of such prolonged delight.

The next book may be a pear tree.
I could pluck a single pear, hold
its smooth curved, ripe body and examine
the pattern of its speckled skin. The shape
pleases me. I caress it and admire its taper.
When I bite into it, it squirts; juice runs
down my chin. And the stone cells—such strange
and inviting texture. Leisurely, with careful attention,
I sample mouthfuls of pear poem, eating it
down to the stem and seeds. The rest of the tree
remains, full of pears. They blush in summer light
and whisper my name.

Mary Stebbins Taitt

This is a brand new poem. Click the "broadside image" to view it larger. For Creative Every Day art and words.


linda said...

hi mary, I should have posted a comment o n your self-portrait down below or your painting class but I was thrown firstly by which blog to go to...haha, you do have alot of them! I love your work and after 2 lessons? that's amazing..I am thinking you have painted before? I liked your poetry too but since I don't eat much if any meat, got a bit stuck on that imagery ;)

welcome and thank you for your comments on the posts in my many comments, I like that! and you are a detroit living country woman, interesting sounding contrasts and I hope you are happy right now with it! come back again and I shall visit you as well. always nice to meet a new friend in the land of blog!

which is your MAIN blog, if there is one?? I am not sure if I am where I need to be for you to read this.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, Linda!

I do have too many blogs and I wish I could consolidate them--I started
working on that one time, but it was too tedious and time consuming.

I took a "Class" or ""course" in "Water Media" that was 7 weeks long, and have just started my second round. Tomorrow will be the second day of the second set of 7 weeks. Each class is "5-hours long" (10-3). Not a lot of actual teaching goes on though, mostly, we just paint. Which is a good way to learn, but I always feel as if I have no idea what I am doing.

I haven't taken any other painting classes since grade school, but I have painted off and on before, occasionally, completely without guidance of any kind. Always feeling kind of at sea.

Thanks for your positive feedback. Your work is so very strong.